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Our Instructors are trained and experienced in all aspects of aviation and are exceptional upset instructors who have undergone rigorous training and have exceptional expertise in all different types of aircraft.  Not just anyone can pass the knowledge and training of Upset Training on to a Pilot and not just any Pilot can be an UPRT instructor.  This comes with years and years of operational experience, knowledge, and expertise while following the guidelines set out in industry standard concepts, along with continuous training and accountability.


Training that transforms good pilots to safe pilots



Loss of Control accidents are the leading cause of aviation accidents and fatalities far surpassing number 2 which is controlled flight into terrain.


The industry has been able to lower every single category cause of accidents, yet LOC-I have steadily increased.


LOC-I accidents are almost always catastrophic; 97 percent of the accidents analyzed involved fatalities to passengers or crew. This category of accident contributed to the most fatalities.


Given this severity, LOC-I accidents have been assessed by the IATA Safety Department and the industry to be the highest risk to aviation safety and deemed to be an area for increased attention.


We will be offering aerobatic rides that will include sight see Thrill Ride Packages and full UFly experiences and Aerobatic Training.

We believe it is better than a company gas or coffee card for those star staff that you want to say thank you to!

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We operate out of Burlington Airport (CZBA) in beautiful Southern Ontario Canada, just a short drive from Downtown Toronto.

 OR we can also come to your location if required.